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Tips fom experts on how to shop on a budget

September 9th, 2018 at 05:23 am

How do you go about shopping on a budget? We all want the best things in life, and high fashion is so tempting. I have a few theories about it.

I know I'm not the first person wondering how to be stylish while not spending a lot. I found some great tips and inspiration in the new book from Hannah Orenstein, Editor at Elite Daily called Playing with Matches (released on June 26, 2018).

One of her tips were:

“I think the trick to not blowing your money on fashion is to focus on what you really want and know you’ll get a lot of use out of, instead of just dropping on random Forever 21 items you know you’ll be over in a few months”. Such a good tip, it really works. Stop and think about it. It's only that item that remains in your mind for a long time, that's worth buying.

“When I shop, I tend to think obsessively about one kind of item for weeks or months before finally pulling the trigger. I like to think that makes me more satisfied with my purchases, so I’m not tempted to shop more.” says Orenstein. This really works too. Much better than instant gratification.

I've once again been shopping on budget, got a lovely bag and shirt from the thrift shop. I keep saying that I'll never go to a normal shop again, but that's simply not true. I think a better philosophy is to go wherever you can find good quality, and value for money. Whether that's a normal shop or a thrift shop,or using coupons or promos from sites like [url]http://kupong24.se[/url]. Applying the tips from some shopping experts to get the most for my money can really make a difference.

7 Responses to “Tips fom experts on how to shop on a budget”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    One of the things I've read over and over about fashion and budget is to invest in quality products that are stylish, but not trendy. Things that don't go out of fashion, I guess. I'm no fashion guru. I stick to things that are flattering on me even if they aren't trendy. I have picked up about 4 very nice purses from thrift shops, one is very summery, and the others are black, blue, and tan, and I can change them out at will. I didn't pay half of what they would have been new, but they are good quality.

    One thing I don't scrimp on is shoes. I haven't purchased many shoes lately -- I did buy a pair at the beginning of the summer, but my every day shoes are high quality with good arch support.

    I have dresses that are over 20 years old. They are not trendy or fancy. Just nice dresses. I still get compliments on them. I think you can buy great stuff at thrift stores and pay more than a quarter or more, but then find it is better than the cheap every day knock around junk.

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